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Class Schedule Fall 2020

Course Number CRN Number Course Name Instructor Day Time Room

CS 5044

83109 Object-Oriented Programming Java (MIT only) GW Kulczycki ARR ARR Online

CS 5244

83113 Web Application Development (MIT and CSA only) GW Kulczycki ARR ARR Online

CS 5744

83134 Software Design and Quality (MIT or CSA only) SH Edwards ARR ARR Online

CS 5644

83129 Machine Learning with Big Data (MIT and MEng only) N Ramakrishnan ARR ARR Online

CS 5704

83131 Software Engineering (MIT and CSA only) GW Kulczycki ARR ARR Online

CS 5024

91921 Eth & Prof in CS CT Lu M 4:00pm-6:45pm TBA

CS 5525

91939/91940 Data Analytics CK Reddy M 1:00PM-3:45PM TBA

CS 5584

83126 Network Security JH Cho T 12:30PM-3:15PM 323

CS 5214

83112 Mod & Eval Comp Sys IR Chen R 4:00PM-6:45PM TBA

CS 5510

83118 Multiprocessor Programming B Ravindran T R 12:30PM-1:45PM Online

CS 5504

83116 Computer Architecture JM Paul ARR ARR Online

CS 5614

83128 Database Management Systems Staff T 4:00PM-6:45PM TBA

CS 5834

83140 Intro to Urban Computing N Ramakrishnan R 12:30PM-3:15PM 113

CS 5040

91334 Intermed Data Struct/Algorithm KR Edmison W 4:00PM-6:45PM TBA

CS 5560

83121/83122 Fundamentals of Info Security J Park T 3:30PM-6:15PM TBA

CS 5774

91338 User Interface Software K Luther R 3:30PM-6:15PM TBA

CS 5824

83137/83138 Advanced Machine Learning YJ Wang T R 12:30PM-1:45PM TBA

CS 6524

91678 Deep Learning J Huang T R 8:00AM-9:15PM Online

CS 5565

83123/83124 Network Arch and Protocols Y Yang T R 2:00PM-3:15PM TBA
CS_5934 92000 Capstone Design S Hooshangi M 4:00PM-6:45PM Online

CS 5944

83144 Graduate Seminar IR Chen F 1:00pm-2:00pm TBA

CS 5974

83191 Independent Study N Ramakrishnan ARR ARR TBA

CS 5974

83192 Independent Study CT Lu ARR ARR TBA

CS 5974

83195 Independent Study IR Chen ARR ARR TBA

CS 5974

83196 Independent Study CK Reddy ARR ARR TBA

CS 5974

83194 Independent Study W Lou ARR ARR TBA

CS 5974

83197 Independent Study JH Cho ARR ARR TBA

CS 5974

83193 Independent Study K Luther ARR ARR TBA

CS 5974

83190 Independent Study BA Prakash ARR ARR TBA

CS 5994

83199 Research and Thesis Staff ARR ARR TBA

CS 7994

83216 Research and Dissertation Staff ARR ARR TBA