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Class Schedule Fall 2021

Classes begin on August 23

Course Number CRN Number Course Name Instructor Day Time Room

CS 5024

92708 Ethics & Professionalism in CS TE Greening R 6:30pm-9:15pm 114

CS 5040

83201 Intermed Data Struct/Algorithm MF Farghally T R 12:30pm-1:45pm Online
CS 5214 83206 Modeling and Evaluation of Computer Systems IR Chen R 3:30pm-6:15pm 325
CS 5244 83207 Web Application Development GW Kulczycki ARR ARR Online
CS 5504 83212 Computer Architecture JM Paul ARR ARR Online

CS 5525

93087 Data Analytics R Muralidharan W 7:00pm-9:45pm 329

CS 5560

83219 Fundamentals of Information Security A Stavrou M 4:00pm-6:45pm 206
CS 5565 83221 Network Arch and Protocols Y Yang T R 2:00pm-3:15pm Online

CS 5584

83224 Network Security J Cho T 2:00pm-4:45pm 219(Hybrid)
CS 5644 83227 Machine Learning with Big Data PJ Butler ARR ARR Online
CS 5704 83228 Software Engineering GW Kulczycki ARR ARR Online
CS 5774 83233 User Interface Software K Luther ARR ARR Online
CS 5824 83235 Advanced Machine Learning YJ Wang T R 3:30pm-4:45pm Online
CS 5834 83238 Intro to Urban Computing N Ramakrishnan R 12:30pm-3:15pm 113

CS 5934

91264 Capstone Project S Hooshangi M 4:00pm-6:45pm 329

CS 5944

83240 Graduate Seminar IR Chen F
CS 6604 91265 Advanced Topics in Data and Info– Spatial Data Management CT Lu T 5:00pm-7:45pm 325(Hybrid)